A Second Dive into Beethoven’s “Kitchen Sink”

Six more CDs sampled from the Naxos 90-disc every-note-he-wrote collection After what was mostly a taste of major and personal favorite works a few weeks ago, this installment of reviews from Naxos Records 90-CD ultra-complete Beethoven collection stays mostly off the beaten path. And in sum…it was a whole lot of fun! From the Orchestral… Continue reading A Second Dive into Beethoven’s “Kitchen Sink”

At Madison Symphony, Everyone Is Home for the Holidays

DeMain rounds up his Madison Symphony Christmas community   For 26 years now, John DeMain has put together his “Madison Symphony Christmas” like a time-honored recipe, and it satisfies his guests’ expectations even as he tweaks it with a little bit different spice each time. It’s no mean trick — after all, you have to… Continue reading At Madison Symphony, Everyone Is Home for the Holidays

Beethoven—and His Kitchen Sink

Being the first of three reviews of the Naxos 90-CD boxed set   In case you hadn’t checked your calendar and done the math—or somehow hadn’t heard yet—2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. Since his birthday was December 16, we’re still more than a year away from the actual celebration, but that hasn’t… Continue reading Beethoven—and His Kitchen Sink

WYSO Wows with a Wondrous Performance

Charter member Nancy Goeres returns with a Pittsburgh colleague   TheWisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra is no “hidden gem” in Madison’s musical scene; after all, the organization is in its 53rd season. Starting with a single ensemble, “WYSO” now incorporates three orchestras, three smaller ensembles and Music Makers. The oldest group is the Youth Orchestra, and… Continue reading WYSO Wows with a Wondrous Performance

Yes, “Hamilton” Is That Good

Touring company at Overture Center enlists a new fan   I always like to reiterate to my readers that I am no Broadway musicals expert, and even in the repertoire that I’ve enjoyed most over the years, I’m definitely old school. That has nothing to do with why I hadn’t sought out Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton… Continue reading Yes, “Hamilton” Is That Good

Maxim Lando Overshadows the Hype

Seventeen-year old soloist at Salon Piano Series exceeds high expectations   As I looked around the showroom at Farley’s House of Pianos Sunday afternoon at 4, I could not remember the last time — or if ever — so many had been seated for a Salon Piano Series event. Then again, I could not remember… Continue reading Maxim Lando Overshadows the Hype

David Ronis and University Opera on a Winning Streak

Season-opener A Midsummer Night’s Dream is provocative and full of merit   In his last few seasons at the helm of University Opera, director David Ronis has succeeded in making the remarkable more or less the norm—and last Friday night at the opening performance of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ronis had the evidence… Continue reading David Ronis and University Opera on a Winning Streak