No, I Really Was There!

The “missing link” to the final WCO Masterworks concert, and what to see here next (and onstage)


It’s been too long since I managed to attend all five of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s concerts in their Masterworks series, and I wasn’t about to miss last Friday’s closing event. So where’s the review? It’s here.

It was all I’d hoped it would be, with the remarkable Irish pianist, John O’Conor (pictured above, courtesy of WCO).

Since the first of the year, my Classically Speaking blog for Madison Magazine has consisted of a monthly preview of what’s coming up in Madison; now I have the opportunity to occasionally post live reviews on the page. You’ll still find 90+% of my reviews here at WhatGregSays, and when I do post on the Madison Magazine site, I’ll post a link here (and in a more timely fashion!).

The next new post here will run late Friday night, a review of the Madison Symphony’s first crack at their final program, featuring Carmina Burana and The Pines of Rome.

And finally I’m altering the timing and format slightly of the May preview blog for Madison Magazine by posting Tuesday morning. It will open with a short review of a concert that is part of a major event, “Performing the Jewish Archive.” From May 1-5 Madison will be treated to the U.S. component of a major international project led by the University of Leeds, England.

Three performances open the event on Sunday, May 1, but all five days are filled with music, theater, poetry and lectures. I’ll be reviewing the Monday evening concert at First Unitarian Society; featuring performers from the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, the program offers works from three exiled European composers, Schoenberg, Ernst Bloch and Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

Details on all the events can be found here.

As always, thanks to my faithful followers, and to the many who have and continue to visit…believe it or not, I will eventually write about other topics, which may or may not interest you. Of course, opining on the peculiar delights of disc golf is a frustrating exercise when one hasn’t time to toss a disc yet this year!







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