Naxos Music Group Helps Us Remember Those Who Can’t—and Breaks New Ground (Again)

The record label and mega-distributor launches “Purple Classics” in joining the fight against Alzheimer’s, and unCLASSIFIED leads the way in classical music streaming services

I have to admit that neither of these items are “breaking news” (“Purple Classics” was announced in June, and “unCLASSIFIED” a few weeks ago), but then again it’s hard for anyone to keep up with everything the Naxos Music Group gets involved with. I have always had great admiration for Naxos; launched in 1987 as an “all-new, all-digital” budget label, founder Klaus Heymann came to Los Angeles to do a series of interviews for the company’s fifth anniversary. Naxos had risen to 25+% market share in parts of Europe, and were developing their own legitimate artists. But the revolution had hardly begun, and over the years the company expanded into jazz, world music, spoken word, and gradually became North American distributors to dozens and dozens of small labels.

Now Naxos has moved on two fronts that continue to gain notice. Purple Classics is a line of repackaged recordings (grouped by composer, genre, mood, etc.) in which Naxos will donate a portion of proceeds (whether physical CD or download) to the Alzheimer’s Association. As my mother has been in second stage Alzheimer’s for the last few years, I applaud all efforts to aid in the research and treatment of the disease—and am glad that some new fans may come to know the label.

unCLASSIFIED has been created to become the “go to” brand for both the curious and classical music aficionados in streaming services. Found on all the major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube, it was announced on July 22 that unCLASSIFIED has been made a curator on Apple Music. Listeners can find a soundtrack of the day, and the various playlists are updated weekly, and will work with label partners and artists to expose gems that might well be unfamiliar to even the most experienced listeners.

Like I always say…Happy Listening!

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