Plenty of Bang for the Buck…and More

Sewell and WCO end the indoor season with a triple helping of Beethoven Rarely have I been more torn about which event to attend than last Friday night—and they both took place in the same building! While the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra was concluding its Masterworks Series in the Capitol Theater, organist Greg Zelek was giving… Continue reading Plenty of Bang for the Buck…and More

Staying “Home,” Stylistically Speaking

Sewell and Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra Illuminate True Classicism   In a city happily rife with creative programming among its many fine ensembles and companies, Andrew Sewell and the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra frequently garner the most attention for performing works typically outside the chamber orchestra box. It is noteworthy, therefore, that last Friday night in the… Continue reading Staying “Home,” Stylistically Speaking

No, I Really Was There!

The “missing link” to the final WCO Masterworks concert, and what to see here next (and onstage)   It’s been too long since I managed to attend all five of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s concerts in their Masterworks series, and I wasn’t about to miss last Friday’s closing event. So where’s the review? It’s here.… Continue reading No, I Really Was There!