Maxim Lando Overshadows the Hype

Seventeen-year old soloist at Salon Piano Series exceeds high expectations   As I looked around the showroom at Farley’s House of Pianos Sunday afternoon at 4, I could not remember the last time — or if ever — so many had been seated for a Salon Piano Series event. Then again, I could not remember… Continue reading Maxim Lando Overshadows the Hype

“Thirty-Onederfuls” Are Coming!

Being a series of reflections and snapshots of 31 years of reviewing…and a lifetime of listening   Any of my regular readers who have been signed up for about a year and a half or so may remember that I touted a new series of posts collectively titled “Thirty-Somethings.” November 1, 2018 was the 30th… Continue reading “Thirty-Onederfuls” Are Coming!