Bach Would Have Loved This!

Richard Narroway’s new release of the Bach Cello Suites gives us the best of both worlds   Every cellist since Casals (and many before), see the monument staring them in the face: the six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello of Johann Sebastian Bach. Thanks to Pablo Casals’ artistic pioneering over a century ago, the world of… Continue reading Bach Would Have Loved This!

New CD “44 Waltzes (on 88 Keys)” a Real Treasure

Pianist Peter Schaaf should be encouraged to bring us “Act 3”   First things first: File this review under “better late than never.” I received this new and intriguing recording in the fall, with every intention of reviewing it well before the holidays. Here’s hoping some readers will buy this for themselves—and find a good… Continue reading New CD “44 Waltzes (on 88 Keys)” a Real Treasure